Sunday, April 18, 2010

Joss Whedon's Avengers. How insanely RAD.

Hell, yeah, there's been talk that Joss Whedon is seconds away from sealing a deal contracting him as the Avengers director/script doctor. Come on. How insanely awesome would this movie be? There's a lot of work to be done, but Whedon has slowly becomes Marvel's little golden (man)boy. The Astonishing X-men was pretty much the only readable X-men in the last years or so.

Is there anything this man's beautiful forehead can't do?
I think not.

By and by, I purchased a rad new DSLR. I want to encourage myself to post more. One day, I'll be old, fat, and probably alone and I can comfort myself by reading this blog and saying: "I was young and not fat at one point".

I am going to photograph the bejesus out of my everyday everythings.

And to be completely gratuitous: why not Whedonverse favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar as Wasp? The spoiled debutante rich girl turned badass superhero. The hotness of you doofus.

Also-- on a slightly annoying note: I joined a COD4 game halfway in and there were only like 5 minutes left, totally owned..sort of. It's not actually a good score, but I'm still extremely proud enough to take a picture. I need to get better at COD. Halo is so much better. It's a lot less waiting and stealth and more running at people.

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